Throne of Cassiopeia

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I was once a wandering child, but now I've had a birthday and I've started a web page. This page is definingly aimless, it's mostly for my personal boredom, and I talk to myself like I have an audience anyway. I don't have a lot else and I'm not sure I'm going to do much messing, maybe I'll change some things with the seasons. For the summer now the only thing I can say I like about it is I can leave my window open at night. I like hearing the sound of that train whistle and I like the drone of highway motors. It's all very lonely sounding. I sometimes like to ramble too, I just want the words to wrap around this picture of the flying mouse 'cause I think it would look better that way. It's a drawing I made using my mouse, and I did a few others and they're scattered about. You know what? I had some bad pasta yesterday night and I feel pretty weird but if you're reading this it probably happened a while ago and I'm ok. I'll like to change this part in the autumn. I'd like to share something else with you.

If you'd like to sort through it, here is the junk in my drawer.

I'll do your homework for you.
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No one cares/links galore + music
Step into my shorts
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Me -something green-
I have this rash

Hindsight is 20/20

Super-Nifty Web Site of the Week I won something! For the week of October 20, I was quite enthused! and I'm showing it off one month (or so) after. Thanks, Loozrboy! (--I know it's well into fall and my page did not move with the seasons. I will whip up some new junk sometime soon and I better get whipping 'cause it was snowing two days ago.) So as I chew on my corn best before Oct 23 I say, It ain't fall, but here it is, whipping! plus I can't do my seasonal page changes like I kinda wanted. I'm undernourished and living under the house and it don't make me conducive to updating my page.

Oh yes. I suck! Rex thinks my page sucks (because I haven't updated my page in 6 months? It's March 10th now, to keep track). He doesn't want to get mathematical but I, math whiz (and karate expert), will tell ya my page sucks well nigh 100% of the time. That would be 167 hours in a week shattering your forehead against strong wooden planks. Here's a chart: (us mathies like charts) Sunday - it sucks. Monday - it sucks. Tuesday - sucks. Wednesday - still sucking. Thursday, contagious. Friday - it smells funny. Saturday - it DIED. secret message: Rex, he's a sweetie. I'd throw 'im over my shoulder and seumo deathhold him any day.

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I'm in a ring now for people who like pink farm animals. So here's a little text box for talking, when I add something new I like to talk about what I ate. I haven't eaten yet but I will talk about cherries and large chips. I will tell you, I don't really like food. I sort of like my pastries but I haven't found anything that tastes really good. You know as kids you say if you'd rather be able to breathe under water or talk to animals or be invisible, invincible or magnetic? I wish I didn't have to eat. Back to 's and a fried potato. I like fruit. I like cherry the fruit, but not cherry the candy - cherry cough syrup is ok. It tastes more cough syrup-y than like cherry. And I hate maraschino cherries. Cherry is red like strawberry jam and jam goes on toast like peanut butter. I remember 2 things about this kid in elementary. He liked chunky peanut butter, he hated smooth peanut butter. And he could hold a heavyset boy upside down by the boy's ankle (with one arm) above his shoulders. Chunky peanut butter makes you strong!

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